Server Crashes accessing recently added Music in Sonos



I am on most current version ( I have 2 Plex servers. Sonos works good for most part except on ONE server it crashes when I try to access recently added music in the sonos app. This is driving me crazy...


I have the same issue, and the frustrating part is that I’m not sure if it’s the Sonos app or the Plex server. I suspect it’s the Sonos application since the integration has never been spot on. Any solutions for this agreeably frustrating issue?


Same problem here guys… Let me know if you get feebacks/workarounds with this.


If you could share a log dump we can take a look


We fixed a few subtle pagination issues today that should improve the recently added. Please report back if you’re still having issues!


Thanks, I think it’s fixed now. Sonos doesn’t crash the Plex server now when browsing recently added within the Sonos app.


Thanks for confirming - it has been fixed in two places - Sonos app and the server !