Server database "corruption"



Something happened to my library a few days back where all the files (music is the issue) seem to have been reimported fresh, removing all of the metadata (add date, play count, rating, etc). Unfortunately this has also invalidated most of my playlists.

I've tried running the Repair a Corrupt DB article but I get an error "no such collation sequence: naturalsort" discussed elsewhere in the forums.

I've tried restoring the database to a date prior to what all the files say they were added, and that too did not resolve the issue.

Not sure if it makes any difference, but the media is on a Drobo 5N 3.5.16-8.109.96116, server is on OSX. Thanks.

OSX 10.13.5 (17F77)


Murphy’s law, I continued down this path restoring the blobs.db and db files, and eventually came to a backup that seems to keep the metadata even after the next “Scan Library Files” event. If the blobs.db file is in fact needed to be rolled back, you may want to update the support doc.


Hello, I have updated to version today. Since then I have a problem with the database. I always check the database with sqllite in Firefox after an update.
I stopped Plex again. Replaced the database with an heal one (previously seen with sqllite, if it is really heal) and then restarted Plex. Plex change something at the database, because the start takes about 1 min. At a renewed stop / start of Plex starts immediately.
Then I lokked again. The database has an error. I repeated this several times.
The funny thing is, if I bring in a heal database, it takes a long time to start.


Yeah, someone’s added an index on metadata_items using that collation. I dropped it as it’s just an index and for now I’m running smoothly until it goes wrong once more.

CREATE INDEX 'index_title_sort_naturalsort' ON 'metadata_items' ('title_sort' COLLATE naturalsort);