Server is unavailable



So, for a couple of updates ago i started to get "server is unavailable" when trying to access my plex media server thru plex player sometimes.
it could happen anytime. sometimes just browsing the library, but mostly when watching something. sometimes its happening once a day, or once or twice a week. and sometimes it happens for like 5 times in a row in a matter of minutes.

the fix is to just connect to the server with remote desktop and it starts to work right away (i.e can connect to it again in plex)

so today i just keept the remote desktop connection active while watching a movie, and it atleast didnt get unavailable now. but then again, it has been really intermittent, so have no idea if it actually was that i had the remote desktop connection active or not.

im running the server on a mac mini (2012) and its having issues on both Sierra and High Sierra.
And as i said in the beginning of the post. it has been going on for a couple of versions. Not sure on which update it started though.

anyone have any ideas?


If it can help, try to run your Plex media server in a virtual machine (virtualbox is free and easy to use). Linux is more stable in my opinion and Ubuntu is the best and very easy. In my opinion, if it work, your MacOS is not properly configured, if not, change the hardware, maybe is too old for a good experience with Plex.

In my case, I use a NAS from Synology and it work perfectly.

A plex user.


I’m 100% sure my OS is properly configured. Also, nothing on the Mac has changed Before or when the issue started. Except the plex server update… And after the problem already were there I updated the OS.

The hardware isn’t the problem since it’s a late 2012 mac mini with a quad core cpu and 16gb ram.

Good luck doing as many transcodes on your synology nas as I can do on my Mac. :slight_smile:

But anyhow, the ability to run plex server isn’t the issue here as my Mac is more than good enough.

The issue here is the server software since the problem started after an update. And nothing else has changed on the Mac before/when it started.

And nothing else is wrong with the network. I.e when plex player looses connection to the server the network on the Mac mini is still functioning great, not congested. And no problem reaching the Mac over the network.

There is more than enough ram free.
Cpu is not overloading.

And since a lotd of people here mentioning connection problems to plex server since some updates Im pretty sure it’s some issue with.the PMS.

It’s hard to get a log of when it happens since it’s so random. But I will try to get it logged and attach the log here when I’m back home.


When was the last time you power cycled your router?


Not sure. Running teamspeak server with users connected 24/7 and a couple of other servers. So not something Im restarting without really good reason.

And since there is no other network related issues with any other server I highly doubt it’s the router.

But I’ll see if I can get it power cycled some night.


Problem is still there.
Router has been power cycled.

I even had the mac mini in for service, they checked all the hardware for problems/errors and stress testing. They couldnt find anything wrong with the mac mini hardware.
so the mac mini was “formatted” and a fresh install of os x was made. Then only plex server was installed. And the problem was still there.

So im pretty confident that the issue is with plex server software.


Switched hardware. And did a fresh install of PMS (no copying of database-files and such)
Now running in VM (Hyper-V) on Windows Server 2012 R2 instead.
Will try it out and see if the problem is still there.