Hi guys, I need your help...

I have used plex pass for 2 years now without any issues. I have the PMS server on nvidia shield 16gb with an extra external drive for more space. Since the last PMS updates I am receiving the error "Server is not powerful enough..." I havent changed anything on my setup, and it happens when I play 1080p videos on PS4, fire stick, roku and even in the same shield where I have the server. My network is pretty fast 70mb and the setup and clients are wires so thats not the issue.

Help please?


Do you have subtitle?

Would be great if you can open a file in mediainfo and post the information. So we can see all the codecs inside the file.


Yes I have subtitles, but I also had them before when everything worked smoothly. Did plex changed any settings on subtitles? Can you guide on how to open a file in mediainfo. Thanks> @rouq said:


What type of subtitle? To my knowledge, they did not change anything about subtitle. It's just that, in the past, when I got this type of message, it was always caused by transcoding the subtitles. This is why I asked. Since it was working before, it's probably not the problem.

If you don't have mediainfo installed already, you can just start by giving us the xml info of the file from plex. Select your media, click on the 3 dots menu, select getinfo. Click on get xml.

Or if you want to use mediainfo, you can get it here:


Thanks for your help. The subtitle format is SRT and yes, its the same I always used, no changes there.

Requested info of one of the many mkv 1080p I cant play:


srt should not cause any trouble.

I checked your xml, I don't see anything that could explain the why the Shield chocks.

Just make sure that "Use hardware acceleration" check box is selected in the server settings transcoder. Otherwise, I don't know. Sorry that I can't help more.


Could it because you have the 16GB model? My understanding is you can run out of space quickly when transcoding causing problems playing. And it's only compounded as time goes by and your library increases in size.


As above. The 16gb version packs up and goes home when the library gets too big.
How big is too big? Maybe 5tb of media. It varies.
But 16gb version will crash.
Are you adding media?
If u want to check. Turn of thumbnails and trailers. Then just delete one of your folder from the Plex setup e.g. tv. It won't delete the actual media just Plex won't see it.
Do the Plex dance and see if it is back to working.


Thanks guys. I have the 16gb version but with an external drive as internal storage. I have learned that I have this problem when subtitles (srt) are enabled. When they arent the playback is perfect. So for some reason the server is converting when I enable subs. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?


Although your media may exist on another drive, the metadata tied to it exists where Plex is installed. I don't know much about the Sheilds, but that seems to be a constant for Plex installations. That area can bloat over time with the data that accumulates in it.