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I'm trying to use Plex VR to stream from a server. However, it shows as offline in the VR app. For the normal app, it seems to work fine. It is running the latest version above the recommended Any suggestions on how to debug this are appreciated.


Having the same issue. Works only the first time I install the app. Clearing app cache didn’t help either :frowning:


@promaethius said:
It is running the latest version above the recommended

0.9.x is a super old version of server. or is that a typo


@promaethius Where do you see that is the recommended version? The VR app actually requires v1.8.1 or newer of PMS. But that’s probably not your problem because if it were you would see a meaningful message next to the server in the dropdown (“Update required”). Can you confirm which PMS version you’re running anyway?


Also having the same issue on Oculus Go. App worked fantastically first time out, went back to it later and it says the server is offline even though it’s not. I’m running 3.41.2 and it says it is up to date.


Additional info: the problem can be fixed by signing out and signing in again, but when this bug happens all controller inputs stop working in the app - I can point at the email and password fields, but nothing happens when I pull the trigger button. Also notable: on the Settings screen, my avatar doesn’t appear. I can use the 4-digit code option to connect to the server and then everything works fine…until you quit the app. When you reopen it, the server shows as “offline” again. This is a repeatable bug in the app, happens every time.


the trigger button is not used for selection, it is reserved for Push To Talk but we’re still considering the UX due to platform inconsistencies.

to select tap the pad like the track pad on a computer


Aah. Thanks. Any word on the weird server issue?