Server online & active but invisible to all players



This is an odd and frustrating problem. Here's a quick summation of the server's status:

I cannot:
* See the server as online in any player, remote or local.
* Load the webpage by directly pointing to my server's IP address and port.
* Thusly access any of my media through Plex

I can:
* ping the IP
* view the log, which continues to be up-to-date
* See the players' attempts to view the server within the log

I have tried:
* Updating. Currently on v1.11.0.4633-70f9c31ed
* Restarting - obviously
** * Deleting the Preferences.xml**

Deleting the preferences does "fix" it temporarily. For a couple hours, I can see and access the Content normally. Then, all items will start to fail with a "failed to add to queue" notification for a couple hours. Then, the server will be "offline" outright to all players.

Any idea what I can do to get it to stay visible and usable?