Server Still not Showing up



Hi Guys,

i posted a question not too long ago about my flex server. I am on free has using the Plex plug in, i believe currently version 1.8.
This is the situation:

Hopefully you all can see the image. I constantly have the message looking for server, even on a brand new install on a brand new machine in the same subnet, in the same dhcp range as well just in case. I know the server has been locked out, i can't for the life of me figure out how to get it running again.

I also have a copy of my log file to hand if needed to upload.

Ive also tried downgrading many times and many installs of both free nas and Plex...?

Pretty sure i will turn out to be a complete bafoon, but for now, i just can't spot the problem.

Thanks guys,



You can't use IP 5.x.x.x. Allowed IP ranges are: – – –


hahaha, two very noob things to do. Thanks for the heads up ill give it a go. Thank you


Have to say thank you @moody_blue really saved me bacon. But i have to ask, if there is a way to add my other network to flex via config. i can't find the config file anymore when running the plug in on free bad 11


After parametrizing and claiming the server you can use whatever IP you want, the limitation is for setup only (forgot to tell you :( )