Server to Server sync


is there are way to sync between 2 Server (Synology or QNap NAS). Also manually is an option.
So not only the files, also the database and watched/unwatched stats etc.

Thanks a lot


If you run Windows 10, you can install the Windows store Plex app and that will allow you to sync from PMS on the Synology or QNAP NAS to the Windows 10 app, but otherwise, No, you cannot Sync between the Synology and QNAP or any other instance of PMS.

'Syncing' to any device will not preserve the watched/unwatched status for any file.

To Sync a file in Plex simply means to copy the file to X device so that it may be played directly from that device instead of across a network. That may require transcoding of the file, depending on the settings used to Sync with, the file parameters etc.

It does not mean, copy all possible parameters, metadata, etc.. for that file.



Ok than sync is the wrong way! Is it possible to clone the primary server to another location. Like creating a completet 1:1 copy put it on a hard drive or send over internet to 2nd location and import it with the watched/unwatched settings?
If watched/unwatched is not possible than only the files without resync and download everything coverarts etc. for a 2nd time. The databases have to look the same!

What we have:
3 Location with Internet and NAS Server
1 Location offline and NAS Server

What we need:
Same data on every location, the offline one can be manually updatet per mobile hdd.


Yes, you can clone the server, but after you have cloned it, it will be completely independent from the original, nothing is shared after that.

So watched/unwatched status will be dependent on which server you use to watch something from. For example, you watch file X on the original server, it will be marked as watched, but the same file on the second server will still show unwatched until you watch it on that server.

In other words, nothing is linked between the two servers. If you only add files to one of the servers, then that is the only server they will appear on. You can add the same files to both servers.

Using USB drives, you can update your file list, but that can present a few problems since each time you plug a USB drive in, it may not always have the same drive letter or designation, so Plex would not be able to find the files on the drive. There is also a question of file permissions which may change depending on what machine the USB drive is plugged into.

If this is suitable, then follow this guide: to clone your server, but remember, any changes you make on one server, will not be reflected on the other server, you will need to make the same changes on both servers if you want to keep them in sync with each other.