Server update



I am about to rebuild my Intel Atom server from scratch. Presently running Debian and I am thinking about using FreeBSD. One of the reasons is the ease of upgrading the PLEX Server app and the efficiency of FreeBSD. The other option is Ubuntu. My question is “is the server app for FreeBSD kept current and as functional as Ubuntu? Any other pros and cons that I should know?



I have Been using Plex on freenas for years and its as updated as freshports is "" I do not use the standard plugin offered by freenas. I built My own Jail and installed it this way "" it made it easier to update before freenas 9.3.. I do periodically manually update it via ssh, but you could automate this. I have not tried the standard plugin since upgrading to 11 so Im not sure how that route works. Years ago there was a problem with updating via the gui and I switched to this method. I'm pretty much a newb at this sort of stuff and most of the problems I have had over the years has been setting up permissions. Overall its not hard and works well.