Server will not marked "watched" automatically or manually for that matter.



_"There was a problem marking this watched." _

This is the error I get when I try to mark an episode manually. Automatic marking after watching or scrubbing does not worked. This is true of ALL files AFTER a particular date in November. The date may coincide with a software update.

Steps I have taken:

Made sure I'm running the latest stable release
Rescanning the entire library, updating all the metadata
Re-added clean files to library.

Manually renamed files already successfully identified for metadata matching to strict naming standards
Doing the above and then re-adding to library deleting the prior version
Purchasing and using Filebot to do the same to make double-darn sure filenames are not an issue
Deleting and rebuilding the library

Still no joy.

Power Mac 10.10.5, 32GB RAM, server on internal "fusion" drive


I found my answer here:

Corrupt database. Thanks for the help guys. /s