Set Up Movies



I have a server already up and running, but I'm wanting to create a new one more updated.
Now I have the:
FreeNAS-11.0-U3 (c5dcf4416)
After installation is setup, when accessing the Media Plex, Add movie library, browse media folder, it opens a window with the following folder is not able to change:
/ var / db / plexdata / Plex Media Server, I have already changed the jails, but everytime in plex comes with this address, so I can not add the folder with the movies.
Anyone have any idea what the problem is.


I’ll put a picture


I installed the older version of Freenas, FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269), in this case after installing the Media Plex plugin, the directory choice screen changed and I was able to add the movies folder, follow the image below.
Any way would like to install the latest version FreeNas.


browse through the forums here, it's a well known issue. No fixes at the moment, unless you want to mount your media in the database directory...