Setup questions for H5201 and H6360 (both 2014) connected to Plex running on TOS



My server is a Terramaster NAS server (f2-220) running TOS. I have a plex account and my plex server is connected. I can stream audio from a web browser from inside and outside the local network.
I can stream Netflix using the TV smart hub.

When I go into my smart hub, networks, there is a plex app. When I click on it I see my NAS server TNS-xxxxx name. I click on it and I see folders for Music, Movie, and Pictures. I click on Music and I do not see any of my music listed.
I am so new with the plex system, I may not be phrasing my question correctly. For give any dialog while I get the terminology correct and then to the issue. :-)

My first question has to be, am I on the right smart hub icon to start with?


When you use Smart Hub the TV accesses Plex using DLNA, therefore you need to authorize the IP’s of your TV’s (or your whole LAN), such as:

But it might be preferrable to use a Plex client (such as Orca) so that you can enjoy Plex’s benefits.


@moody_blue Sorry for taking so long, either I missed the email or I did not subscribe correctly. Thanks.

@moody_blue said:
But it might be preferable to use a Plex client (such as Orca) so that you can enjoy Plex’s benefits.
I have downloaded the plex embedded player and loaded it on a PI3. I have not fired it up yet.

Just to understand, the UI you posted for IP address, I assume that is a plex setting. I did not find it with a quick look. Of course, being a guy it is probably right in front of me. :slight_smile:


Sorry, probably you need to enable advanced settings as stated in


@moody_blue said:
probably you need to enable `advanced settings
That’s the ticket.I see where you are talking about, I will test tonight and report back. As you know it will probably work. :slight_smile:

Side Note: (off topic kind of …) I have my own domain with its own set of “Let’s encrypt” Certs. Looking at some of those settings, I wonder if you could bypass Again, don’t want to get off topic, just thinking out loud. Once things are set up would like to share with family without requiring them to sign up for plex, even free … I have a plex pass account, I am planning on streaming music inside the house. Again, another discussion. :slight_smile:


Again, sorry it took to long to get back. I tested last night and saw the same results. I may need to take some pictures, they say pictures are worth a 1000 words. Again, I see folders for different media (Photo’s, Movies, Music) just when I click on the media folder, say Photo’s, it is empty.

Is there a way to make sure my smart hub is up to date?

Also, once I drill down into networks, plex, movies … I do not know how to exit back one level. All I can do exit, which exits totally out of smart hub.


May I advise to download the manual from the link in my footer.
I get the feeling that you are using DLNA instead of the dedicated app.


@Orca said:
May I advise to download the manual from the link in my footer.
I did download that manual even before posting. I found it just searching around. (BTW, Thanks for your work)
When I read it, it did not look like it fit what I was seeing on my TV. (duh) So I kept looking and then posting.
I thought the manual/app was only for 2016+ TV

Which now …

@Orca said:
I get the feeling that you are using DLNA instead of the dedicated app.
I think your right.
So, can I load the “app” on a 2014 smart hub TV?
Again, just trying to learn. I have a PI3 loaded waiting to test with, it would be nice to get PLEX working with the TV.
I do have home automation (Home Assistant) and Alexa. So any automation may have to be done with an external player.

Just to make sure we are on the same page I took some pictures of my screen last night …


You need a TV with a SmartHub that allows you to install apps from the Samsung Apps store.
I know that some of the lower end models do have apps, but they are fixed and no new apps can be installed.
If you have such a model, I’m afraid that you cannot run the app.
If you do have the possibility to install apps, search fro Plex under the Video section
.It should be available for all 2014 models (with an AppStore)

BTW this app supports Alexa out of the box.


I will have to check at the house tonight, but it looks like the H6360 does not support it. The 6360 is in the living room and the 5201 is the guest bedroom. The screen shots are from the 6360. They gave me a link
I did find 5201 on it but not the 6360.
I will see what I find out tonight, but looks like the PI3 with embed player may be the ticket.

Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
Info: You are now chatting with Manish J.
Manish J: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?
paul: I have two 2014 H5201 and H6360, can I load the PLEX app from the samsung store?
Manish J: Hello, Paul. I will assist you with the PLEX app compatibility information.
Manish J: As you want to use it with your TV.
paul: Sorry for being vague, Yes. I did not see it on the smart hub as an option?
Manish J: As the app is not available in the Smart Hub, it cannot be downloaded on your TV. However, you can connect any other external device to your TV like player that has a built-in Plex app and it can be definitely used.
Manish J: Samsung just provides platform to use the apps. We can use only those apps which are available in the TV’s smart hub, as it totally depends upon the app developers as which app should be compatible with the TV depending upon its hardware specifications.
paul: How do you connect to the app store from smart hub?
paul: here is the theard … the last post is why I am here …
Manish J: Please check the below given link, as it includes all the model number of the TVs that are compatible with the app.
Manish J:
Manish J: Is the above link accessible?
paul: Yes, and H5201 is on that list.
Manish J: I believe the app is not available in both the TVs.
paul: I have not found the H6360 yet
Manish J: Yes. H6360 is not compatible with the app.