Several Multi-Part TV Files not being treated as one.



So I have about have a dozen episodes in my library that have several minute prequels and rather than treat them as separate episodes I elected to name them so that would play contiguously as a single episode. I read that plex can handle multi-file videos even when they're in different file formats and I named them thus:

TV Show Title - s01e01 - pt1.mp4
TV Show Title - s01e01 - pt2.mkv

TV Show Title - s01e02 - pt1.mp4
TV Show Title - s01e02 - pt2.mkv

Despite this, they are being treated as separate versions of the same episode and not a contiguous video.

Apart from converting a dozen prequel files and then joining them to their dozen of episode counterparts, does anyone have an idea of where the trouble may be and a possible solution?


For multi-file episodes or movies, all parts need to be in matching containers (mp4/mkv/avi) with identical streams (e.g. stream 0: video h264, stream 1: audio en ac3, stream 2: audio fr ac3, stream 3: subtitle en srt, stream 4: subtitle fr srt).

Naming-Multi File TV Show Episodes support article said:

  • All parts must be of the same file format (e.g. all MP4 or all MKV)
  • All parts should have identical audio and subtitle streams in the same order