shaka 1001 - playback error



Looks like a lot of folks are having this error.

For me, it's when I try to play a 4k UHD rip. I have a 4k monitor - though something about HDR settings (identified through DVDFab Media player used to confirm the rip is good) might make it want to transcode?

Either way, when I click on the movie I get the shaka 1001 playback error. Only on the 4k movies.


I get the same error, and it is also only on the 4k movies. Did you ever find a fix?


I am having this error and it is getting annoying. It is not for 4kfor me but seems to happen near the end when a program is almost over. I’m wondering if it has to do with the play queue. Seems to only happen to me for programs that don’t have another episode coming up.


Never found a fix. I get a thousand responses a day about other shaka1001 errors. Let’s hope the developers believe us and fix the issue.


Agreed. There are certainly some real stability issues.

I had a minor breakthrough on a file. I could get it to actually play through Microsoft Edge, but not Chrome or my Apple TVs. Very strange.