Shield TV Plex App Feedback from long time plex user



I have been a long time plex user on a variety of clients, but my main client up until a few weeks ago has been Rasplex on a raspberry Pi 2.

I bought a Shield TV recently and started using it, and wanted to provide app feedback assuming the Plex product team reads this.

  • Provide a profile specific for Shield TV. There are multiple threads on this, but Plex Server should just include a custom profile for Shield TV specifically so it’s not lumped in generally with Android TV. This will solve the transcoding issue people complain about. Example profile that is reported to resolve this.
  • The playlist queue when you’re watching a TV episode is a terrible user experience. (I’m talking about the episode queue that shows when you bring up playback menu while you’re watching an episode). Suppose you have 2 seasons of a show and you’ve watched all of season 1. You’re watching Season 2, episode 1. If you bring up the playback menu and scroll down to the see the playlist queue, it shows you all of season 1 even though it’s already watched. Why in the world is Season 1 even in that list?
  • Resuming app where you left off results in a weird UX When you restart the app (relaunching from Shield TV home screen), it resumes where it left off. This is good when I exit accidentally, or exit quickly to immediately return. However, when it’s hours, or a full day, it should start at the Plex home screen. It’s even worse when the home screen is shown, but the scroll position is saved and it starts at the bottom of the home screen. At minimum, it should just resume where you were but reset the scroll position to top of that page.
  • I want libraries listed in home screen left menu I’m probably a minority in this, but I don’t like the left menu of the home screen. I think the libraries should be listed there instead of the top of the right pane. People may say i’m Just used to Rasplex, but I do really think that it’s a superior UX that what’s currently designed.
  • Libraries on home screen should have configurable order. I have several libraries, including “TV”, “TV (Kids)”, “Movies” and “Family videos”. Family Videos always appears first since the list is alphabetically sorted, but this is the least frequent library we use. It contains family videos from me and my wife’s childhood that we’ve preserved, and while we watch them occasionally, it’s very infrequent. We still want them easily accessible which is why we have a separate library. We dont’ want to have to delete the library, just to not have it shown. It’s just plain annoying to see that library tile in the first position on home screen.
  • Library tiles are too plain on home screen The library tiles are blank now, and they should at minimum have some icon for each that you can select from.
  • Pressing up on controller should dismiss the playback menu When you are watching a movie/tv show, you can press down on controller to bring up playback menu. Pressing up should dismiss it. It logically makes sense to support the inverse action to dismiss it. The only ways to dismiss are to either wait 3-4 seconds for it to auto dismiss, or press the back button.
  • allow me to hide the Plex Media Server setup tile!!!! I have no plans to setup PMS on my Shield TV. Why does the tile stay shown? If i’m Already connecting to a local PMS, it’s incredibly unlikely I’ll want to setup a second PMS on the Shield TV itself.
  • Allow me to configure the volume of Theme music I like theme music being played, but the volume is too loud. Rasplex had a great option to be able to dial it down. I liked it at 25% so it’s ambient but not overly loud. This is particularly useful since a lot of TV shows have crappy audio, so we have to turn it up during playback. If you hit back after the episode ends, you can get theme music blasting so damn loud.


I realized this forum I posted in is for PMS running on Shield TV and not the app. I’ll find the right forum and repost.


Actually Never mind. I discovered there is no Shield TV forum for Plex Player, only for PMS. I’ll leave this question/post here for now.


Thank you @tmchow for your review. I am surprised that there isn't a NVIDIA Shield TV forum under Plex Players. I am looking into getting an NVIDIA Shield TV for my home theatre for its audio passthrough capabilities. I have a movie library with various audio formats and I would prefer Direct Play (video and audio) as much as possible. More importantly, I would like to retain the integrity of the audio stream. See my discussion (here) for more details.

So, anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to review NVIDIA Shield TV (Plex Player) forum before spending ~$200.