Shield TV - Wrong remaining episode count on TV Shows



Hi Guys

I've started noticing that on my Shield TV, that the amount of episodes remaining in a season is incorrect. Say for example Suits, i have finished watching the most recent season, but on the poster when i'm browsing my media it would have the number 10 on the top corner. But when i click into the season, it shows all episodes are watched and they don't have the orange triangle in the corner. This also happens for other shows, and is not exclusive to Suits.

I have checked my other Plex players, iOS, Samsung (Orca's build) and Web, and these are showing the correct information. So it has to be something to do with the Shield TV, at least i think so.

I'm running my PMS on a Western Digital PR2100. I've updated the Shield and the PR2100 to the latest versions.

Any ideas?


I have the same issue. Some shows also show more episodes as “unwatched” than the show even has. Like for example Happy! shows as having 20 unwatched episodes, but the show only has 10 episodes.


@OliverTeglhus said:
I have the same issue. Some shows also show more episodes as “unwatched” than the show even has. Like for example Happy! shows as having 20 unwatched episodes, but the show only has 10 episodes.

That happens in my instance aswell. Its a strange one :confused:


I am seeing this behavior as well. :’(

I have the latest Android TV version, as well as the newest Plex app (just updated yesterday). I am using the Shield as a client only. My Plex server is running a Ubuntu server. These problems started after updating the Plex app.


Hier, same here on my Android TV … Not the probleme on other player like my phone, chrome or Windows 10 app …


I’m seeing something similar on my shield tv and android phone (samsung S8), the unwatched counts on the tv show top page, are incorrect - the same incorrect number/counts show up on both my shield tv, and my android phone. it’s as though the android clients are getting incorrect values, or somehow including counts from another server?

Checking via the app (web interface), and on my xbox one plex app, the counts are correct, and i’m quite certain the plex client on my appleTV shows the proper counts. This has been going on for 2-3 weeks, I think.

plex client version on both the shield tv, and my phone, is

Once i’m into the series folder though, it looks to have the proper counts, and shows with no unwatched, no longer have the unwatched marker on the series show art. And, the “on deck” play list seems to be working fine, if that’s of any help.

(edit #2)
ok, even weirder :). On my ShieldTV, some shows will display a count higher than the number of episodes even -in- the show (new series), and scrolling up and down in the UI (show list), the counts shown on the series will change randomly as i move backup through the list of shows. Yeah, something’s definitely not working right


Yeah I have the same issue on the Shield, unwatched episode counts higher than the amount of episodes the show even has, very frustrating bug. I have noticed it over the last 2-3 weeks.


Same issue here on my Shield TV. I can scroll up and down my list and the Unwatched indicators will actually change when the row appears, still incorrect.


Chiming in, mine is doing the same. Uninstalling plex updates in shield fixes the problem until shield auto updates it again.


This is happening with all shields I guess… my other devices do not have this issue. Considering the OP was a week ago, where are the Plex guys with their response? …


Same issue


So i found kind of a work around. I sort by # of unwatched shows, now, and the first set of listings, indexed descending by # of watched shows, remains constant, and sorted in the proper order. The shows with “no” unwatched shows, still generate random counts, but at least stay at the end of the list, so I know I can ignore those.


I noticed it but it’s a slightly different behavior than described above: on an (already seen) episode page I can see the button “Mark as unwatched” white but the poster has the orange corner saying it is not yet watched. --> happening on all my seen episodes, any shows, any seasons.

Noticed on my OnePlus 5T Android 8.1.0 with Plex Player I don’t have a shield yet to check.
Not happening on web client or UWP app. Using PMS on Windows 10.


Its strange that no-one from Plex has reached out. Even if it is a bug that they are aware of, and it will be fixed in a future release. We should be told so.


I can confirm that the bug is not fixed in 6.17.0 version.


So far as I can tell, for me the count is only wrong on Recently Added TV. If I go to the actual show the number appears correct. But yeah, the incorrect count is WAY off, saying things like 42 Unwatched for a show with only 10 episodes total.


I have the samething happening here as well the past few weeks it started also on nvidia shield.


Can confirm still broken in on my Shield. Tried force stop and cache clear. Issue still persists.


It looks like it’s fixed for me in Plex for Android (v6.17.0.4824 and PMS v1.13.1.5063)


@paolovador said:
It looks like it’s fixed for me in Plex for Android (v6.17.0.4824)

probably just luck.
it’s definitely broken on v6.17.0.4824