Show Episode Thumbnails



Im trying to find a way to have a unique thumbnail for each episode of a TV show rather than the fanart. In the stock skin it does this automatically. Is this something I can do with Aeon? Thank you


Actually Nox does this by default as well:

My suspicion is that you have changed the following setting:

Turning the above setting off will force Nox to display TV series fanart instead of episode thumbnails. The default for the setting is on, I suspect you have turned it off. If you turn it back on, you should get the episode thumbnails again.


Thank you! I found the error I had display plot unchecked and that was also making it so the thumbnails wouldnt show



That’s definitely a bug on my end, then. I tried as you described above (Display thumbnails for unwatched episodes on, and display plot for unwatched episodes off) and sure enough, in some places the thumbnails were hidden. I’ve fixed it and the fix will be in the next release.