Show us your Plex setup!


Had some new updates
4x chromecast for each tv
4x harmony smart hubs to control all tvs

(hidden behind wall mounted tvs)

Bedroom -

46 inch samsung

Theatre room -

65 inch samsung

Yamaha ysp-2200 soundbar

Loungeroom -

55 inch samsung

Bose solo sound system

Outside -
32 inch Samsung


Had some new updates

4x chromecast for each tv

4x harmony smart hubs to control all tvs via apple iphone 6 (hidden behind wall mounted tvs)

may I ask why the chromecast? Is there an advantage compared to the samsung smart tv app then?


I find the shuffle feature on the samsung plex app does not work as I would like it to

Plus the samsung app does not have a skip to next file button, you can only seek to the end of each file

With that, I use the Chromecast to shuffle music videos and shuffle all my tv shows and movies quickly when I just want to browse my collection

80% use would be with samsung plex app

20% use would be with chromecast


updated my setup a bit...


the three 1U Sun servers are a hyper-v cluster... the big 4U sun is my new Plex server... has 8x quad-core 2.9ghz opterons and 64Gb RAM... then under is storage... about 150Tb


Wow, I'm actually so amazed by all these wonderful set-ups. It really keeps the flow of a home theatre.


Hi guys,

The heart/PMS is on the 2 bay Synology DS710+ which now houses 2x2TB. To the DS710+ i have hooked up the 5 bay expansion unit DX513 which currently holds 2x3TB (one more 3TB incoming). When the last HD arrives this will give me 10TB storage capacity with the redundancy of one HD. The maximum theoretical storage capacity of this setup is 42TB. An extra 2TB USB drive for backup is visible in the image too.
I have opted for a wired gigabit setup with the DLink DIR-655 to my 2009 MacMini that runs the PMC in the living room and the 2011 iMac with PMC too in the bedroom. I control the macs via Apple remote v2 which works fine.
Yes, I have taped the disturbing LEDs...

The MacMini is connected to the SONY STR-DN1000 Receiver via HDMI for video and optical audio. This supports all types of video, even 3D on the Panasonic VT-50 plasma. The Receiver as well as a Sony DVD Recorder RDR-HX1010, a Panasonic BlueRay DMP-BDT220, a XBOX360 and the cableTV box resides below the TV in the white cupboard controlled via a cheap IR remote.

I also use Plex on my iOS devices. Works just fine.

The speakers are the Bose Acoustimass 5 supported by a AudioPro Subwoofer for extra grunt. Also AudioPro for the centre speaker and the surround speakers. Maybe not top notch, but quite sufficient for my needs.

I have been using PLEX since 2009 and hasn't looked back since.




Since nobody has added to this thread for a while, I thought I'd take a shot at being the latest "Plexhibitionist."  

This is my quiet little studio/theatre, where I like to spend a lot of my time.

It's usually pretty dark, with some great mood lighting, but I shot these with a flash so you could see around.

And a close up of the workspace:

With a little more information (added on 04-09-15):

The Stereo Studio Monitors are for my desktop work, and there is a separate 5.1 Surround system for the 10' diagonal projection screen.  There are two levels of theatre seating to the left, just out of camera view.  Heavy drapes and 8 wall mounted acoustical panels make for an almost silent recording environment (and a peaceful place to just chill).


Outside -

32 inch Samsung


How did you manage to get that TV there? What about temperature at night and such? 


How did you manage to get that TV there? What about temperature at night and such?

Electriction installed power point behind tv and just wall mounted it.

I live in Australia where the temperature does not change that much....

Was thinking about getting a cover for it when not in use.

Not to worried about it tho because it's pretty protected from the elements.


That sounds great! I was thinking about something portable for the garden / veranda. But as I live in the Netherlands it won't ever be a TV because all we have is rain. So I kept searching and searching until I found the best portable Plex experience out there:


The Plex Media server is a Dell T3500 with 2TB storage. 12GB RAM and 2 XEON processors. Running Ubuntu Server 14 like a charm. 

In the living room stands a simple Samsung 40 inch TV with the excellent Plex app. We all love it! 


This is my initial build. Just something simple. I am in the planning phase to build a high end HTPC. Would love if someone with vast expirence on building systems around plex would not mind reaching out to me so that I can run some ideas and gain some insight from them.

Semper FI!


My forvever work-in-progress media things and stuff. This album hasn't been updated in a while.



Imgur Album


My forvever work-in-progress media things and stuff. This album hasn't been updated in a while.

Like the in-wall speakers... very clean.


Like the in-wall speakers... very clean.

Thanks. I actually have 2x Raspberry Pi2's sitting at home in a Fedex box waiting to be set free. I'm hoping they will replace my decicated HTPC's.





Anyone what?


He wants us to post more Plex related TV's and such. Keep on waiting, I'll be moving in less than 3 weeks and will update my post seriously. 



I'm in the process of a large house extention. Once it's all done in a few months going to have a awesome post for you all! My only issiue is my main plex servers are hosted via so you can't see them. However will have a local small server to host out lossless movies for when my isp drops the ball!


Wow. *fixes jaw*

Here's my setup, but it's not as impressive as some of these setups. I might take up some advice from a few of these posts on improving my setup even more then it is currently. Some of you have amazing idea's.

This is as of March-14-2015, i would like to clean it up a lot more. mostly the wiring situation behind all that. It's maybe 60% clean.

Here's everything shown in the image:

The components:

Aluminum store product display rack (to hold equipment)

2x Synology DX513 units. 1 Unit with 5x 4TB on SHR linked with main unit. Unit 2 is empty, for now.

1x Synology DS1511+ unit with 5x 4TB on SHR /w 1 recovery volume.

Currently @ 30TB Usable Space. 


Custom PC:

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Case

1x NZXT Sentry-2 Fan Temp/Speed Controller (display off in image)

1x LITE-ON Black 12X Blu-ray Burner with Blu Ray 3D

1x Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Quad-Core 3.5GHz

1x pair Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 16GB Ram

1x Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe 240GB SSD (OS - Win 8.1, Plex Media Server, Plex Home Theater)

1x GIGABYTE GA-Z77N-WIFI Motherboard

1x Noctua NH-U12P SE2 120mm SSO CPU Cooler

1x Nvidia GForce GTX 750 Ti

1x 1TB Software/Games 7200RPM HDD

1x 300mb 7200RPM (Plex Transcode directory dedicated) HDD


1x 3GB 7200RPM USB 2.0 External USB (Plex librarys dedicated) HDD 

1x Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT UPS

1x Motorola SB6141 Cable Modem (100Mbp/s DL / 5Mbp/s UL)

1x Asus RT-N66U Flashed with DD-WRT Mega Build (for VPN)

1x Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H DD-WRT Mega Build (for 2nd subnet)

1x Linksys 5 port switch (for extra Ethernet ports to everything else)

1x KILL-A-WATT meter Wall Plug (for management of all power consumed by EVERYTHING in the image)

Other Components in the image:

HP LaserJet Pro 200 color MFP /w stand

Alienware Area 51 intel 4HT laptop (blue/Silver)

Rayovac Ni-Cad battery charger, for devices.

Entertainment Center:

LG LA6200 47in 3D Cinema TV

5.1 surround sound Philips Home Theater System

Steel Series H 5.1 surround sound headset /w Mix Amp (headset not in image, mix amp shown on PS4)

1x 7 port USB 3.0 powered HUB/Switch

Playstation 4 White system + 2x White Dual Shock 4 Pads

Xbox 360 FAT /w 120GB HDD + 2x Wireless pads + 2x wired pads + kenect

4 port HDMI 4.1b Switch box (below kinect)

3 port digital optical switch (on top of PS4)

Original Xbox + 4 pads

N64 + 4 pads

bag of 3D glasses x10 pair

Logitech G25 Race Wheel /w Stand

I listed everything, because why not. This is what i run. Thanks for sharing your setup, and i hope you like mine. :)


What do you have now? So we can see the difference later.

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