Shuffle button disappeared from synced music



This is really annoying. A version ago I could shuffle play all the music on Android. Now its only available from the server.


I am having the same issue. I found it would occasionally disappear before but now it is permanent. I have tried deleting cached data and restarting everything but with no luck.


The only workaround I have for this is to play music from the server player but only select synced music. Under Settings->Player with “Prefer synced content” checked it shouldn’t be streaming if you only select synced content. So you’ll need something like a synced playlist, and then you can play it on shuffle from the server player.


Also experiencing this issue.


Same here. I’ve deleted sync’d content and removed and reinstalled the Plex app twice. Nothing helps.


To be clear the only button at the top is the grid view. All other buttons are missing from the top of the screen when viewing a sync’d library. I have all buttons when viewing an Online library. Also can’t shuffle or play at the Artist level. You have to drill all the way to an album before getting the Play or Shuffle options.


This has been reported and a fix is expected in the next version release


Thank you for your response. I will stop trying to fix it by running in to a brick wall.


Plex for Android 6.16.0 was released today. There is a fix for the missing shuffle for synced content

See Release Note

  • [Mobile] Play and Shuffle actions are not available for synced content.


I can confirm it’s fixed for me.