Shuffle TV show episodes



I'm unable to get Alexa to play a random episode of a TV show. This is how I primarily use plex for background stuff to watch. I notice that music seems to have a shuffle option but I suspect TV shows do not.

Anyone have any success with this or is it not supported yet?


This is the list of supported commands:

If it's not in there, it's not supported. Shuffle is only set for music commands.


Well then it would be a much appreciated feature to be added to the next version


+1 on this


High on my list of hoped for updates!


Adding my voice to this


I'd love to see this too. It would make the Alexa skill so much more useful for me!


I also would absolutely love it if there was a shuffle command for tv shows. I use plex to keep my quadriplegic mother who has had multiple sclerosis for 22yrs entertained. The addition of alexa has made her life so much better and I know she loves being able to watch a show on command but being able to watch a random episode sometimes is nice and I know she would utilize that.


I just spent a bunch of time setting up Alexa specifically for this feature. It's such an obvious feature that I didn't even consider that it might not be there.


+1 for this, I created a similar thread a while ago but it didn't get a response. Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch an episode of some comedy show or similar and not have to specify exact season and epsiode

Alexa, Tell Plex to play some random episodes of Seinfeld


Any news or updates on this?
Would really be a nice feature

Edit: made a feature request post on the Plex pass forums if anyone that wanted this feature wants to take a look and like the post to get it some attention.


+1 again, posted this practically the day the echo skill was released, and it still holds true today.

Also shuffling/playing playlists would be highly appreciated.


@kegobeer-plex I'm sorry to say this but in my experience the list on the published website is far from correct, the following commands don't work at all for me:
- Ask Plex to change my player to Living Room TV (I have never had it understand the name of the player and i have always had to set the default player manually)
- What's on my continue watching list? (only lists episodes you were halfway through not tv seasons, then after it plays the episode it stops and you manually have to get it to play the next episode)
- Can you suggest something? (all of these type of commands have a a repetitive nature repeating the same tv shows or films in my experience)
- Play the show Westworld (only plays 1 episodes then stops, pointless, thank god the phone & web apps play the entire season)
- Play season 2 of 30 Rock (only plays 1 episodes then stops, pointless, thank god the phone & web apps play the entire season)

The lack of progress in development and lack of support there is for this skill makes me want to develop my own, which im close to trying! lol :)


+1 from me. I put on random episodes of specific shows at night and being able to say "shuffle South Park" would be handy. I also bought the Echo assuming this feature already existed.


Here is a link to mhiggins' feature request:


It's been 8 months, any updates on whether we'll see this? Has the Alexa skill updated at all since launch?


I’ve gotten around this by crating a playlist of all episodes I want to randomize from say adding all episodes of Dragnet to a playlist named Dragnet. Then saying “Alexa, tell Plex to shuffle playlist Dragnet.”


ECTeeling, you are a genius! This is much better than waiting 8 more years for them to add this feature :smiley:


+1 love to see it too. One of the most used things we do is shuffle old tv shows for fun, ( and it is good for the kids too)


Now that the skill has gotten an update and apparently isn’t abandoned can we request this feature? Or can we just open source the skill so people can customize it further? It’s free anyway so there’s no harm is open sourcing it. Let the community give back