Slideshow feature - How to?



Dear Plex Pros

I've got a simple environment running a Synology NAS, with the actual Plex Server up and running, indexing some 250k photos. On the Client-side, an Apple TV 4 Box is installed with which i want to access the photos on my NAS and play slideshows. Is this a feature that must work with the actual versions installed?
My tests shows following results:
The Apple TV 4 Plex Client isn't able to play slideshows. It doesn't load next picture automatically. If i select a folder with photo's inside and press the Play Button on the Apple TV 4 Remote, nothing happens. If i browse into the folder, with the first photo selected and press the Play Button, only the selected picture is opened. Nothing more...
Do you have other information about it? Maybe i make something wrong with the use of the Plex Client for Apple TV 4.

Than you Plex Pros for help,


It is not implemented yet. I know it's unbelieveable, but they didn't make a slideshow on apple tv platform.

There is no slideshow on IOS platform either. Also unbelieveable.


No slideshow. Unbelievable.


Hope it is implemented soon.
The best slideshow I have seen on Plex is done on the Samsung TV (I have 2015 version), plays automatically and also plays the videos in the same folder from the camera.
This is what is required.
Otherwise my wife is not happy......


Another year, and apparently there's still no slide show feature on Apple TV. I have Plex Pass and I would really like Slide Shows on Apple TV!!!~


Yes please Plex give us a slideshow on the Apple TV Plex app


Please add slideshow functionality to tvOS and iOS. Works just great in Plex WebApp. Why not having the same feature on Apple TV? Is there a feature request already to push?


I agree slideshow oniOS is a must and can‘t be that complicate


This feature is on ps4 and ios. Any chance to have it on the apple tv ?


Ok still no slideshow. Its only been like 2 years. Where is this feature?


Please add slideshow functionality to TVOS and IOS. It’s missing in TVOS since day 1.


@dreamer81 said:
Ok still no slideshow. Its only been like 2 years. Where is this feature?

You can have NEWS instead! Great, ha? ;)


I dont meen to step in it, but today I wanted to show my mother in law some beautiful pictures of our summer holiday. My thumb started hurting after I clicked 200 times on the right arrow..... gosh....


@MrAniki said:
This feature is on ps4 and ios. Any chance to have it on the apple tv ?

there is no slideshow on IOS, you can hit play or shuffle all but you have to manually go to the next photo


Please, please, PLEASE add this feature. I have a very large photo collection that I would like to shuffle on my Apple TV to music in the background ...20,000+ photos ...I cannot find a suitable solution ...Plex is the most logical choice ...I and I love you Guys And Gals :) ...I know you are working on it ...I am waiting ....waiting ...waiting. Thanks :)


Waiting for about 2 years and still no word from the developers.


Interestingly, using Plexconnect rather than Plex on an older AppleTV you can set up a slideshow with quite good controls and themes. I haven't sorted out music for it yet, but the Slideshow is available on it. So you maybe able to use this as a workaround for at least a slideshow facility


Slideshow is a basic feature. Not at Plex for apple tv ???


Yes!! slideshows! (duration, transition duration). I need this really bad. Will be looking for another solution if this doesn’t come.


PLEASE PLEX! This is a no brainer and can’t possibly be that hard to implement on iOS and other platforms. I just want to stream a slideshow on my old iPad sitting on the fireplace as a digital picture frame. How cool would that be?!