Slow to start playing



Hi all,

I use an Apple TV 4 and Shield TV and it's becoming painful to continue watching things on the Apple TV due to how slow it is to start playback of files.

I have a super powerful remote server, my Apple TV and shield tv are both wired to the router and I have quality set to unlimited.

Looking in Plex files are mostly direct play on the Apple TV but it takes so much longer to start playing back files compared to the shield tv. Why is this? Anyone else notice this, my files are mostly 10gb HD rips.


Same here. Sometimes videos don't even start.


I just started a thread on issues playing video over Ethernet but when I switched to wifi playback was faster and movies that previously wouldn't play now play. I know my Ethernet connection is solid and it only seems to be a plex issue.


Wireless speeds are phenomenal on AppleTV 4, but wired ethernet speed is only about 30 Mb/s.

I prefer wired, but the ATV4 wired speeds are crap. My iperf3 on the SAME Cat6 wire plugged into the ATV4 are 975 Mb/s.

It's the only issue I have with the ATV4. Any high bitrate video buffers and takes forever to load on wired ethernet.

I'm running HP Pro-Curve gigabit switches and my wired iperf3 scores hover around 970-990 Mb/s anywhere in my topology. My Roku 3 hovers around 94Mb/s, which is expected on a 100Mb/s port.


Any updates on this, and why it is still so slow?


I’m having this issue.