So dissapointed. No full screen at launch and still no audio feedback.



I had to use a custom script (written by another Plex user) to get PMP to launch full screen for many of the last versions and now not only does that not work, launching it normally doesn’t go full screen! This has been a problem for months and months now. WTF?

And I still don’t have any audio feedback in the navigation and that’s been a problem for many versions.

Is anyone at Plex paying attention? Now I have to use a damn mouse to force fullscreen. On my Mac Mini. Connected to a TV.


And the full screen problem is from the latest update. At least the script no longer working to force it. Shouldn’t be this fucking hard folks.


I'm also using a Mac and it always launches full screen for me, so I wonder if there is something in your particular setup that's causing the problem?

And I don't know specifics...but I know that in the most recent version of PMP, they changed the method used to make the app go full screen. For me, with the old version, It used to kind of 'take over' and when you switched to other apps it was always there in the even blocked access to the Finder. Now it behaves like every other full screen app...when you switch back to the Finder for example, it slides out of the way.


I guess I should have been more clear. It tries to go full screen, but the finder bar is always visible. And now not only is that visible, but the application bar is as well until I click the full screen button.

The original problem with the finder bar is well known and why someone here came up with an AppleScript to force it.


No worries, I got it. And I have no solution for the problem...more just curious as to why it works for some and not for others.


Well, looks like they added a “force full screen” setting that seems to work for me. I don’t know why there’s use full screen and force full screen, but whatever. At least it works. Still have no audio feedback though.


where did you find the "force full screen setting? I would need that too. Iam also having troubles with that task bar,....


@taranisAUT said:
where did you find the "force full screen setting? I would need that too. Iam also having troubles with that task bar,....

It was in the settings at the bottom. Mine was set to auto which obviously wasn’t working. It then showed my TV and resolution listed so I chose that and it fixed the issue.