So is FreeBSD dead to Plex or not?



Any chance we can get an update to this?

This discussion seems to strongly suggest Plex is dead on FreeBSD; natively that is without container/vm bs.

Haven't heard anymore on it since; would be nice to be kept in the loop as to what you folks are thinking. If it is dead can we have a timeline please so we are not scrambling to find a replacement for Plex. I'll be asking for some refund to my Plex Pass too, if indeed this happens.

Thanks again.


Do you mean the thread that was based on FreeNAS 10 from last February ? The FreeNAS system dropped FreeNAS 10, based on a stuff that just didn’t work properly I would guess, and jumped to FreeNAS 11, where Jails are still king, in my opinion anyway. FreeBSD and Jails are fine as far as I can figure.


No I mean the thread from Jan 2017 about premium music features, where the discussion turned into a ‘confirmation’ that FreeBSD is dead for PLEX. The PLEX folks have not denied this, and have more or less vaguely confirmed that they are walking away from FreeBSD. See the URL I posted.

I am simply asking them to give us a firm yes or no, and if yes, then give us a firm date.


Not at all. Gracenote does not support FreeBSD, so there was no way for Plex to use that feature. It’s a lack of third party support, not first party. It’s possible that in the future this could happen for other features, but as of now that isn’t a concern and they’ve in no way shown a desire to drop support.

Edit: Also does not support commercial skipping with DVR currently, but I’m personally not shocked since I’ve not seen comskip play nicely with FreeBSD either. Again, a third party service not being able to handle the OS.


I would prefer someone from Plex (the company) make a formal yes or no statement. A lack of response from Plex will be interpreted to mean a “yes”.


LOL. I think you should interpret it as ‘wtf are you going on about’


@BillyPrefect said:
LOL. I think you should interpret it as ‘wtf are you going on about’

Oh please, if you are gonna comment then add some intelligent value would ya.


A response from Elan is as ‘official’ as it gets.
Nothing has changed since this thread.

So, if you need/want those features, put Plex into a Docker on FreeBSD/FreeNAS. There is an official Docker image available.


Yeah its shame that the official response from Plex is a vague response, and not one that is clear. And shag docket images, I’m not fooling around with that to keep Plex working on FreeBSD. As soon as the folks at Emby get the smart tv stuff done for the Canadian market, I am finishing my migration to Emby. On my new server that I will build soon, Plex will simply not be installed. That’s the current plan.


I am sure Plex dev’s will miss you.