So no one works here.. like the old abandoned broom cupboard





Yeah you are right. Although I don't find it very funny :) tried updating Amber on weekend and could not find what changed / got edited in latest PHT releases in timely manner. I was forced to postpone update until I find more time to analyze plex skin code - includes that include includes with a bunch of new undocumented info labels.


there was new user switch file/s :/ oh and neww playlist edit that i have no effin idea if/how works!

 think ViewsUserSwitchLogin.xml & PlexUserSelect.xml ..

you probably know but use winmerge and always keep last skin.plex seperate then compare the new, lifesaver


Talking about doing Sherlock thing... :) PLex skin used to have it's own repo so one could follow commits - no more. Now the time needed to reverse engineer changes are couple of times longer than the time needed to code it up in a skin. Seriously.


does this help? or was it different?


Ohh yeah