Some movies stuck at 13% or 33% while loading



Never had issues before until recently. I have the Roku Premiere over 5ghz wifi. Network is not an issue - it's what I do for a living. Wireless is crazy fast, and I have cat6 everywhere in the house. Loading would never take long before, for the past couple weeks, some stuff gets stuck loading around 13 or 33%. I read an old post that said enable force direct play - which I did - but then there is no audio.

Any suggestions? Eventually most movies will play - just takes a long time to load. If I stop a movie and come back later though, I have to start from scratch. It just gets stuck looping between 13-33%.

Plex server is fine - other various clients (embedded, windows, etc) work fine.


What is the server?
Are the problem files the same format as "older" ones?

You say your wifi is crazy fast! And you have cat6 everywhere!
Hardwire your roku and if you get the same issue you can cross off wifi as an issue.


Hello there. When the Roku gets stuck, from my experience, is been because audio format was something it could not play. Like DTS HD or Doldy Atmos. Changing the audio format allowed my roku to play the movie.


Wireless, no matter how "strong" the signal, has a myriad of things that can go wrong like interference etc. Thos yhings can cause problems in streaming that are extremely hard to diagnose. Whenever you have problems the first thing that should be looked at it any wireless link in the chain. If the server is connected wirelessly then that is the source of many problems. Servers should never be connected wirelessly if you want reliable operation. That is not to say that a wireless server can not work but the very nature of wireless introduces many potential problems that can, and often does, impact streaming adversely.

Clients can be wireless and reliable but the server not so much.

However, in this case, I think that the problem is not related to wireless. What is described is that the audio part of the files being streamed is forcing transcoding and the transcoding is stalling for some reason. That is server and the power of the server related somehow.

One more thing is that 13% and 33% are simply stall points that are really pretty meaningless. 13% means that transcoding has started and 33% percent means that a part of the stream has been prepared. Neither number has any real meaning.

To diagnose this well the people that do it best need logs bothe the server logs and the Roku logs would help a lot. The srever logs can be produced after the problem has manifested by going in the web interface to settings/help/download logs. (Be sure that"verbose logging is turned OFF) And the Roku logs can be produced by creating the error on the Roku and the, on a browser, going to the Roku's log address (h t t p://AddressOfYourRoku/logs) and copying the text into a text editor and saving the text to a file.

Once you produce the problem and generate the logs you should then upload the logs to a message here. Go not just paste the logs in your post but rather be sure to upload the files as attachments.

The logs are important so that the experts here can see what is actually going on.

One more thing: If the server is used for other tasks then one or more of those other task could be interfering. While Plex is designed for coexisting well with other programs it is always best for servers to do nothing but serve so it is best for Plex's server to run nothing but Plex and whatever support programs are needed for it to operate properly.


I've been having the same exact issues recently, something changed recently as this has not been an issue in the past


mine has started doing this as well, bump on this post, Roku ultra up to date, plex pass pms up to date, I never saw either Roku update, but that's not saying they didn't while they were unused, but check for updates says all good, I second the fact that it MAY be media related, as I notice it with some shows and don't see it on others, however it may just be the show I leave running all night that eventually catches the problem.

it is not a result of bad wifi or an unplayable file for me, as I am wired and when stuck at 33% I hit pause and play again and it re-streams the same episode and works like a charm, I only use Roku for the most part so I cant say whether or not its only a Roku issue on my part, I downloaded the logs the next day after it stopped and woke me up in the middle of the night, however I wasn't sure of which file to examine and I think the logs were to fresh and didn't go back that far, at lease the ones I saw, if anyone can help I can post a log file, the problem occurred somewhere early morning of 7/10 (today)

I have tried specifying the ip address of my PMS (it is reserved and doesn't change) and entering that into the Roku plex settings, made no difference, I assume this will just let me fall back on local link if my wan drops as in the past years ago the modern plex app for Roku wouldn't connect if it had no wan even if pms was running and both were on same network, however the plex classic app would load just fine.

any help for this issue would be greatly appreciated, I have a backup plex server, tonight I will try running it on the backup to see if it may be machine oriented / software conflict, however the main PMS is on a very powerful system, the backup is on a dell i3 from several years ago, we shall see