Some Plex VR feedback



I'm using Plex VR on the Oculus Go. It works pretty well most of the time. Sometimes I get an error that the connection to the server was lost (I'm on the same LAN) and then a second later it just works again. But that happens maybe once every 2h or so.

What I find somewhat irritating is that the void environment is not a void. It has twinkling stars that twinkle even while a movie is playing. I'd find that fitting for an environment called space and even then I could to without the distracting twinkle. An environment called void I'd assume to be a dark... void.

The biggest annoyance right now to me however is that the browse UI is not anchored to the screen. If I move the screen to the virtual ceiling so that I can watch laying down the last thing I wanna do every time I switch an episode or movie is having to sit back up.

Other than those two things the app works really well for me. Esp. 3D movies look great in it.