some sync content missing/not loading artist/album artwork



Hello. I am in the process of syncing a bunch of music from my library to my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (SAMSUNG-SM-G870A) running Android 6.0.1, and Plex for Android v5.10.1.264.

A few of the artists and albums that have already completed the sync process appear to be missing photos/artwork when viewing local content. When veiwing that same content as broadcast from my server, it shows the images no problems. Whats strange is that on the sync status screen on my phone, I can see the missing artwork, but it does not appear when actually scrolling through the content. Is there some way to refresh the metadata/images of synced content? When the artwork is changed on the server, will the corresponding artwork of the synced content also update? Here are some screenshots of what I am seeing:

Missing album artwork for the artist “Jaga Jazzist” in player view (local/synced content only):

Some artists also missing photos (local/synced content only):

The sync status of the artist “Jaga Jazzist” shows the missing album art:

The album art is present when viewing non-local content located on my server:


I would love to know if you get any help. I have the same issue and can't seem to find any answer either.


Haven't heard anything yet, but it is the holiday weekend so I'm not surprised. We'll see what happens I guess.

I also posted here:

about how incredibly buggy and unstable sync has been on my android device. Right now I can't even get it to finish syncing. It keeps hanging up on "updating information" after finishing download of the current queued artist. It'll sit there and do nothing and then eventually say sync complete, even though there are a dozen or so more artists "waiting to download". When I resume it, sometimes it will download a few more tracks or it will just go back to "updating information".

Admittedly, I have an older phone and apparently it will not be getting the Nougat update. It's possible this has something to do with my experience, but not sure. That other thread is from 2013 and plex claims the issues 'have been fixed'...


I have the same problem of some missing cover art for synced music on my Moto G4.


I have the same issue on an older phone, a new phone and a tablet, so I doubt it's unique to any particular device or Android OS. I've also been getting bit hard by the other big sync showstopper, where playback will stop at random at the end of certain songs and the only way to get it to resume is to rewind back to other songs. The latter issue got better for a little while but is back in full force.

It's a shame to see mobile sync currently in shambles on Android since I'm assuming this is one of the main features that is pushing Plex Pass sales and was the reason I pulled the trigger. I really hope they make it right soon.


Bummer. Ditto to it being one of the primary reasons I pulled the trigger. I don't really intend to use any of the other plex pass features except for access to early app/server releases. I suppose you could say I wanted to support the product since I've been enjoying it as my primary media server.

I've detailed myriad other problems I've had with sync on android here: Seems to be an issue with the database getting corrupted somehow and it's made the sync feature virtually useless for me. Currently waiting on a response back.


Still have the same issue with missing artwork for some random synced music albums/artists.


Doesn't help that the developers aren't communicative or willing to acknowledge this as an issue...


I have the same issue, only started since moving to a new phone with android 7.1.1 on it!

@"MovieFan.Plex" Looks like this issue is not limited to just me - another bug to look at in the whole syncing process - can you let us know if you need anything?


Come to local content this morning to find it a mess and so far nothing from Plex on this bug.

What version OS is everyone on? Only seems to be impacting my new phone running android 7.1.1, my older tablet on 6.0.1 seems fine.

@“MovieFan.Plex” is there anything we can supply to sort this bug?


6.X is the most up to date android available for my Galaxy S5 active so I do not have experience with plex running on nougat. So far the sync feature has been virtually unusable for me.


Same issues here (sync basically useless, missing cover art, etc.)


I have had this problem for about a year. It has been there for many different versions.

My server is up to date on the newest Plex Pass version.
My phone is up to date on the newest android version.

Yesterday I completely reset my phone to default and reinstalled everything.
I did this for other reasons unrelated to Plex.

I still have the bug mentioned in this post.
I find that it can not be recreated in the same way. The artwork that is missing is random and seems to be different albums each time. It also seems to degrade over time and slowly more and more artwork will disappear.

Here are my logs from my phone.


Hey Everyone, I have the exact same problem. When I was syncing my music I was using 320kbps. I removed my music and used 192. For some reason this fixed my album art issue when syncing. Does anybody else want to try this out and let me know if it works?


Come on Plex, time to get this issue finally resolved, here are my logs after having cleared the synced content:


Tried syncing at 192kbs and still getting bthe issues with missing information and I've noticed that as times goes by more and more artwork goes missing! anyone getting lots of sync errors on content...set my phone syncing about 50 odd ablums and loads have errored? Seems to happen when the screen is off! WiFi is set to always on and Plex is disabled from battery optimisation!

I wish Plex when fix sync once and for all!

@"MovieFan.Plex" can you confirm this is being looked at along with the playback issues with synced content? All the sync issues have been going on for almost 12 months and well it's a tad frustrated to say the least!


Same Problem here.

Working on:
-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
-Android 7.0
-Ubuntu 16.04
-Plex Version

I tried also:
1.To install PLEX to the SD Card
2. Reinstall the app
3. Reinstall the whole server (incl. OS)
4. Other phones
5. Changing the Album cover
6. Sync every item seperate

I also discovered that the missing covers are not the same they change at every new sync.

The next confusing behavior I found:
Sometimes (I can’t say whats the trigger) when I open the app I see all my entries (with/without artwork):

But when I switch to the “album view” it’s empty:

(German: No entries found)

After killing the app and switching the views a lot of times, it shows the albums…
Anyone else?

@mboehm85 THX for describing your issues here… it seems your post here and the other one are the only thing we will find here…

Now waiting for PLEX to respond here or in the other thread…


I have also noticed that over time, more and more of the artwork from the synced files disappears!


Logs from NAS, Phone and Tablet attached...might be helpful to someone.


Same issue for me, the sync keeps stopping too. Sometimes easier to do one album at a time but this takes forever. Hopefully they'll find a solution.