Sonos and users




I have correctly linked my Sonos Controler to Plex and followed what is written here :

Well, now, when I try to browse Plex from Sonos, I have this message after a few seconds :
FR Unable to contact the Plex Media Server. Please check your server settings at and make sure that Remote Access is enabled.

So, YES, the remote access has been enabled.

But I have declared users on Plex (to filter the movies my young daughter could access to). Could it be why I have this issue ? There is nowhere to set a default user in Plex for Sonos...

Many thanks for your help !


Eric D.J.


(Took the liberty of moving this to the proper forum :sweat_smile:)


And what's the solution ?
I have the same problem.
I'v asked to Sonos Support and they say ... contact Plex Support !


@elan said:
(Took the liberty of moving this to the proper forum :sweat_smile:)

Thanks @elan :smile:

Do you know a little bit more about this issue ?

I have tested after the PMS update but it persists.

Many thanks by advanced !




Hello World !

WoW, I found an article about the last 8th of March updates of your Sonos integration. I have re-authorized Plex into Sonos (or Sonos into Plex ? :smiley:) and it works now !

I have read that some issues have been met reading FLAC files, but it works well with all the latest official releases.

Thanks for all :blush: