Sonos Beam and DTS HD MA



Hey guys,

So I'm thinking of getting the Sonos Beam + Sub, connected to my Sony KD49EX9005 via HDMI Arc, playing from PMP
But I have some questions on audio streams. Lets say I have a movie that only has DTS HD MA or one of the other unsupported audio formats what will happen?
Will Sonos or the TV auto convert into a playable format? Or will it just do whitenoise?

My main issue is I kinda need to go wireless, and dont NEED my current 5.1 setup. If I did I'd defo need new speakers which pretty much costs the same and I'm about to move so dont want to run speaker cable everywhere. There are plug sockets around the back if I decided to add 2x Play:1's or so for 5.1 Sonos setup.



Anyone have any idea, or info?


@N0_Klu3 That’s only an issue if you have passthrough enabled in PMP. Otherwise PMP will decode the audio, and pass it as PCM to your TV. There are soundbars and wireless systems that do support HD audio codecs out there if you have a look. I personally use a HEOS Bar and sub., but there are others by the likes Samsung and Sony that also support HD audio codecs.