Sonos playlist limit of 100?




I'm experimenting a bit with a Plex/Sonos setup and most works fine. With a bit of trouble I've managed to get Plex to import all playlists from an iTunes XML file. However, while the Plex webapp shows 243 playlists, in Sonos I've counted only 100. Is this a known and intended limit or is something going wrong there.

Kind regards, Maarten


exta note: Sonos shows the playlists in alphabetical order and just stops after playlists starting with 'G', just when it reached 100 (± did a fast count). So it doesn't seem random but intended some how....


Any word on the ~100 playlist limit for Plex/Sonos? I use playlists a lot to curate music, and have way more than 100 playlists....


No, Sonos just sends me to this forum, and as you can see, no response here.


It would bed great if the playlist limitation were taken away so that Sonos owners/users could maximize their experience and flexibility with large music collections.