Sonos show wrong "artist" and "album artist" fields (even in the new Plex for Sonos 3/8/2018)



Dear all, I’ve seen that finally after two years Plex for Sonos got a major update… and it is a very welcome one! Everything seems to work better after the reauthentication.

Only an old bug, reported since 2016, persist: the “artist” and “album artist” fields are wrongly displayed in Sonos even if they are correctly set up in Plex. When playing an album, Sonos “album artist” field (named simply Artist by Sonos) shows the information of Plex “album artist”, which is ok… but all the songs in the album get credited to the Plex "album artist"field too. This is a big problem for compilations, tribute albums, duets and even normal albums containing “guest” artists. Here is an example:

Easy Rider Soundtrack correctly shown in Plex, “album artist”= Various Artists, “artist” field different for every song (Steppenwolf, Smith, The Birds, etc…):

Easy Rider Soundtrack shown in Sonos, “album artist”= Various Artists (which is OK), “artist” field reporting the “album artist” for every song… All the songs are credited to “Various Artists” instead of the real artist:

Is it possible to correct this bug too, now that Plex for Sonos is getting some attention?

Thanks, in advance,



I would also like this to get fixed.


Been listening to soundtracks lately myself - this will be fixed as soon as we get the app stabilized.


@johnclayton said:
Been listening to soundtracks lately myself - this will be fixed as soon as we get the app stabilized.

Thanks John, lets wait for a fix! I’m really glad that the awesome Plex+Sonos combo is getting attention!


Shipped the fix this afternoon!


Thanks John, that’s great! Everything works as it should now:


Hi all, is this fixed?

Thank you


Yes, it’s fixed as the screenshot above shows. Selecting an album under “Various Artists” will now properly show the individual track artist in the queue and “Now Playing” information.


Good this problem is fixed. But there is stil something wrong with the search function.

When searching for an artist, it looks at the name of the ‘album artist’ and not the individual artist is searched.

With compilation albums you can only search for “Various Artists” and not the actual performer.

Looks like this is kind of the some problem as mentioned above…

When will this be fixed? Will make my life a lot easier :slight_smile:


Just found out that searching for an ARTIST in the TRACKS field in SONOS app also gives the right results…

So there isn’t really a problem anymore. (Other than it’s not really logical)