Sony Android TV - Plex app/ Direct play



The Android PLEX app appears to have had an update and none of my files will direct play anymore, my server isn't powerful enough to transcode but everything was running fine with direct play enabled. Now I can't even find the direct play option within the settings of the app?? What's going on??


Hi, I have the same issue but trying to disable direct play. My Philips Android TV is telling the server its capable of playing mkv with ac3/ac3 5.1 when its not, hence, the server is sending it through direct play, before the update i had direct play / direct stream disabled so that everything would be transcoded to my tv, how can i completely disable the direct play feature in my server, i don't ever want it to direct play / stream, I just want the server to transcode everything on the fly


Hello, same issue here.
The sony x900e plex app always transcodes whatever file in all situations. Except when the cpu is overloaded…
“Video”-app on my Sony x900e does Direct Play perfectly. So i’m sticking to that for now!
Please fix!