long for podcasts?



This would be a great feature for the Sonos client.... :)


If I had to guess, the feature itself probably needs to come out of beta first. Also, this doesn’t seem to be a feature that yet relies on your individual Plex server, more on the apps/cloud servers than anything.

But definitely this needs to be added to Plex for Sonos when it’s ready. :slight_smile: I much prefer to use services that I’m already using instead of signing up for other accounts when I don’t need to, so having a synchronized multi-device Podcast functionality as part of Plex is awesome, IMHO.


I have Apple Music and because that doesn’t work with Plex, I’ve never used Plex for music playback and thus, didn’t care about Plex working with Sonos. But now Plex has added podcasts and I’m really liking the functionality (much nicer and easier than the iOS podcast app in my opinion). I’d love to be able to playback podcasts from Plex to a Sonos.


mmm yes I need this feature. Plex podcasts on sonos…


We’ll be continuing to roll out podcasts to more Plex clients, including Sonos, over time :slight_smile:


It is done. There’s a new entry in Other Sources :wink:


This is GREAT but… I’m not seeing it, I have three podcasts that show up via Plex web.

PMS v1.13.5.5291
Sonos v 9.1 (latest beta) and 9.0 (public release)

I tap on Other Sources, it spins for quite a while and then I get: Unable to browse music.

Edited to add: I removed and re-added my Plex account to Sonos and that seems to have done the trick!


:man_facepalming: Looks like there were some users, yourself included, who’s tokens were not able to fetch the podcasts data. Just shipped a fix that should update the token to allow podcasts. If it doesn’t immediately appear wait 5 minutes for the cache to expire and try again.

If that still doesn’t work please let me know, and you can workaround the issue by going into Sonos Settings/Preferences, Music Services, select Plex and choose to Reauthorize Account, which will create a new token with the proper access.


Thanks for the speedy response – before you posted I ended up resolving it much like the “last resort” suggestion you mentioned (re-authorizing the account).


Great to see podcasts on Sonos! My listening is nearly complete now!

Adding support for music Plugins would make things perfect, but I think I’ve mentioned that elsewhere. :slight_smile:


Can we move this to the main music area so it’s not hidden?


I forgot to say thank you. Now I’m just waiting on the PlexAmp features… :wink:


We have podcasts under Other Sources as not all music users are podcast users and not all podcast users are music users. We’ll have podcasts enabled for universal search soon and that will hopefully help get to podcasts quickly from any screen.

Can you clarify? Are you talking about loudness leveling and gapless in Sonos?


I’m more talking about the radio station features.