Sort all unwatched tv shows by air date



So I am way behind on watching some tv shows. I would love a view to show all unwatched episodes shorted by their aired date, so I can start with the oldest first no matter what the show is. This would be really great for shows like NCIS that seem to always have some overlap.

Any ideas? I would almost be willing to do this outside of plex if I could pull and sort the meta data out of my library.



which player app are you trying to do this in?



I would like to do the same.  I'm using the Plex app on my Roku.  Is this something that would be set up on the server side or on the client?


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've just found it while looking for an answer to the same problem.  Bigwheels's screenshot is indeed available in Plexweb, but I'm unable to find similar options in PlexHT, Plexbmc or Plex+OpenELEC.  I don't have any smart TV or Android apps.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?


yeah i didn't realize that myself. I guess it will need to be requested to add the by Type options.

Dunno if it will be as useful for you but you can set the sorts/filters in the Plex Web app like I did above, make a playlist via button on left  in P/Web, and name it Unwatched. it is dynamic so as you watch or get new stuff it will be removed/added automatically. playlist are available in PlexHT, dunno about the other two you mention as i have never used them


Thanks Bigwheel.  I hadn't explored playlists up to now.  Didn't realise they're dynamic.  This looks like it fixes my problem.

Thanks again.


Old thread but I also want to say thanks to BigWheel so: Thanks, BigWheel!