Sort by audio?



I have 3000+ movies that I stream thru a Roku 3. Most are encoded with AC-3 audio, but some have DTS which the Roku doesn't support. I can transcode them via Plex Media Server, but I would like to know exactly which movies are DTS.


Does anyone know if there is a way to sort movies by audio type and generate a list?


Any help is appreciated. 



Only this one:

DTS audio is called 'dca' in this list.


Thanks a bunch. I'm sure that will work for me


that link is broken. I also would like to generate a list of my movies that are in stereo instead of 5.1 or 7.1, so I can fix them. Anyone have any suggestions, or the destination of the original link?


Plex2csv is now called ExportTools


Thanks!!! :) I'm glad this will tell me which titles I need to fix. More annoyed that I didn't catch the error earlier...


Ugh. While I appreciate off-the-road apps, the problem with it is... no structure or organization, or written by self-taught programmers.

The "instructions" on what to do (or how to install) are a complete disaster and I have no idea how to install export-tools from the thread. The "automatic" method is ironically much more difficult than the "manual" method. At least the manual method has step-by-step instructions. Installing the "Unsupported AppStore V2" (which is needed for "fully automatic installation") has no such clear instruction.

I'm a little peeved because I'm a software developer with 25+ years of experience at Fortune100 companies. If you've bought things from Lowe's, banked at Wells Fargo, used Blue-Cross-Blue-Shield, then you've run my code. But... I know how to write instructions just as well as code... and some would argue that the instructions are far more important.

Why Plex doesn't adopt some of the obviously more useful of these apps is silly. Not very forward-thinking.

Sorry, off my soap box. I'll just try the manual method.