Sound Feedback through wrong device



I've configured the audio in PMP to point a specific device, but the sound feedback "clicks" still play through my computer speakers. Can we please fix it so all sounds go through the requested device?



Bump! Many updates but this issue still persists. Please make Plex Media Player use the right audio device for it’s UI sounds.



Hey all,

I know it’s not the most critical, but would it be possible to know if someone from Plex has at least put on eyes on this issue?



What audio settings did you change exactly? What are you running it on? WIndows/OSX?


Under settings -> audio, I have device type specified to Optical (S/PDIF) and the device set to my Digital Audio (S/PDIF) device.

I’m running Windows 10 and my default sound output device is my regular desktop speakers, and while regular playback audio goes through the right S/PDIF device, the user interface navigation sounds (i.e. “clicks”) play through my speakers.