Sounds Drop Randomly v.2.007



Hi All and especially @Orca,

I have been seeing some odd behaviour recently where especially on transcoded content the sound randomly drops out (i.e. it just goes quiet) then picks up normally a little further. When I rewind and replay the same bit the sound is back normal. I'm not sure where to start to look so I thought I'd ask.

Plex Server is v1.5.1
Samsung Plex 2.007 on an HT-E5500
Everything is connected via Ethernet Cable

Problem is, it is very hard to reproduce and completely random. There are days where it doesn't happen at all, and others where you have it every 20-30 min or so.

I have captured the log 30s from my keypress to rewind and rewatch the bit that I missed. All I noticed that there was a lot going on in the couple of seconds before, but that never used to create problems. Maybe a transcoder error?

The other odd thing I found was that Companion was registering although my HT-E is not logged in? How is this possible?

Mar 24, 2017 08:22:12.933 [16232] DEBUG - [CompanionProxy] registered new player: lo246ju9dx744yjnnseomvx6r (::ffff:


Plex is testing new audio transcoding techniques at the moment. They may resolve this in the future.
For now you could try to increase the buffers somewhat, but I'm not sure if that will help.

The other thing with Companion is not from the app.
It's a message coming from the cloud, indicating that another Plex app with player capabilities has been found.


Thanks for the quick response. Luckily I don't have that many things that need transcoding so I'll just wait for the guys to fix it.

As for companion
Usually my HT is under but I forgot I recently restarted everything so yes was probably one of my other devices hehe