Source of Movie Ratings ???



Hi, I have 3 questions related to the Plex Movie Agent when fetching metadata for my movies.

1) Ratings
Rotten Tomatoes is set as the default source for movie ratings. However, majority of my movies simply get their ratings from The Movie Database even though the movie is listed on Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD. Why do the ratings not come from Rotten Tomatoes if the movie is listed there ?

2) Subtitles
I have selected to fetch English subtitles. Most of my movies do get English subtitles pulled from the site but some of them don't even though the movie and english subtitles for the movie are listed on the site. Why ?

3) Artwork
I assume posters and backgrounds are pulled from multiple sources. How does Plex decide which Poster / Background combination to use as it does not always just select the first poster/background in the list so there must be some sense to it ? Sometimes the poster/background it selects does not look very professional. I have it set to get artwork based on my preferred language English.


  1. I believe there is a bug in the rotten tomatoes agent. I have it as default and over time less and less of my movies get the rotten tomatoes score, the iMDB score is shown instead.