Strange color offset or "ghosting"



I have a very strange effect recently. I don’t know where in my change of hardware it happened really, but I don’t have it on any of our mobiles or chromecat, so it shouldn’t be related to the server side, rather the PMP side .
The system is Radeon Rx 460, Win10, Plex Media Player (not the store version). The colors are offseted to each others, not in all movies, but in most movies. I don’t really know where to begin, but it shouldn’t have to do with the server (which BTW is on the same machine, its a HTPC but also the server).
I have provided an image in one movie that can show the effect. What is this? Has anyone seen this?
Is it some codec that’s gone wild or related to the Radeon card, I had Nvidia before and then I didn’t have this thing, on the other hand I had then an older PMP version for windows.
Don’t know wher to start seaching for the problem.
I does look like it tries to mimic stereoscopic 3d or something.


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@Larswad I believe this has been fixed in the Plex Pass version, but hasn't made it to public yet.


DaveBINM: Ok, thanks interesting. Wonder what this was all about, could you please direct me to a thread where this is mentioned? It's kind of a weird issue to search for.


@DaveBinM As of October 2017 I haven’t noticed any changes in fixing this yet.

In what Plex Pass version was it fixed? Can’t find anything mentioned in either the Plex Media Player or in the Plex Media Server changelogs.

Can you show me where this issue is discussed or fixed?


I can’t recall exactly what version it was fixed, but here’s a thread mentioning it.


I had this. I had accidentally changed my “video aspect” (no idea how). Put it back to “normal” and all was fine. I had the exact same symptoms - it was driving me nuts.


It’s an old bug that was quickly fixed, but somehow some newer builds accidentally pulled in old dependencies without the bug fix.

Here’s a fixed build linked:

Please let me know in what other current releases this happens.


Thanks for your contributions and links people! DaveBinM, ZackTex and vlang, thanks for your links.

As of version the issue is FINALLY gone for me. It’s been there for quite a while, so it’s quite a relief now!
Finallly enjoying plex again as it should be on my HTPC!