Streaming through LAN in a 3 routers network




Does anyone solved the LAN streaming for a 3 router network ?

My setup schema would be:

    Internet Router  
     /                   \ 

Router 2 Router 3
/ \
PMS Smart tv

I have solved the problem for every direct connection (cable/wifi) from Router 2 and the Internet Router to the PMS. But for the Router 3 it is handled using the external networ/Internet not the internal network LAN.

To make the 2 routers LAN work for the internal and external network I did:

  • Setup static IP for the Router 2 based on MAC
  • Add DMZ exception in the "Internet Router" pointing the IP of the PMS
  • Open ports in Router 2 for the PMS IP local address.

I can imagine how to solve the matter for a 2-way NAT, but in a 3-way with the network schema above, I'm completely lost. I don't know what I should try to do.

Thanks in advance


It messed with the schema. I attach it as image.


You will get lost. I've been there and even two-router (retasked DSL modem/router/Wifi with new ISP modem/router)

  1. One router (your external gateway)
  2. Add smart switch with ample ports (e.g. HPE-1820 or better)
  3. Apply VLAN as necessary but all devices are on the same subnet
  4. Problem solved.


The problem sound to me like it is one of discovery. The client asks for where it can contact the server and it uses the list given by the server as well as the IP of where it sees it coming from. This means it'll have the IP address the server has behind router 2 (provided by server to and the internet-side address of your Internet Router. What you need is for your client to also get the IP address of the WAN side of router 2. Then a client hitting this address would go through Router 3 -> Router 2 -> PMS. You likely want to add this URL to the Custom server access URLs preference on the server which is an advanced setting in the Network category.

P.S. I presume you did this from the recommendation on Security Now. Lately they've linked a document describing how to do this using VLANs and the Edge Router X. I run something similar and it's much easier to deal with once you get it setup correctly. You remove the double NAT (and thus this problem) and just simply add firewall rules indicating what traffic can cross between the different networks. Something to consider.


I have decided to replace the router with an small switch to simplify the routing task, beeing the PMS in the main router subnet, also worked without any further configuration in a device connected to a secondary router. Which is nice.

This is what I was looking for.

I pressume everything @gbooker02 commented is correct though. I am get lost easily when it is referred to complex network routing schemes.

Thanks for both responds, they were useful.