Stuck in Fullscreen



Stuck in Fullscreen, cannot resize the app or move to another monitor, there are no buttons in the titlebar, and does not respond to win+arrow keys either, nor can i drag. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still the same.

#2 You posted this twice, I suggest deleting one of the posts. Can you provide a screenshot of the title bar?


Are you on a touch screen device or using mouse? In any case, if you hover the mouse on the top-center area of the screen, you should see a blue rectangle that when clicked (or swiped down if on a touch device) makes the title bar visible again.


The solution was to stop using the windows app. I was using it on a regular pc-type.


Yes, the Plex Windows app is crap in tablet mode. The app is so user hostile. It actually prevents you from using your computer. Did they think that the app was supposed to be run as a modal application? If I swipe from any edge, i expect the app to not prevent me from doing this.

I've given up on the Plex app, and have switched to using the web app.