Stutter / Buffering for first 5 seconds of every song on "modern" windows app



Here is a strange thing I hope you can help me solve

After upgrading to the latest version of the Windows 10 plex app from the Windows store (from a previous version from circa ~XMAS 2016), I'm having the issue that every single track stutters for the first 5 seconds and then plays normally thereafter.

If I uninstall the app from the Windows Store and revert to the old fashioned downloadable 64-bit client (version, then the stuttering goes away.

In both the case of the windows store client, and in the case of the manually installed client, I'm playing back using DirectPlay. I can also confirm that if I allow the playback to be transcoded, then the stuttering goes away on the plex client from windows store, so me thinks the issue is isolated to DirectPlay on the Plex app from the Windows 10 store.

I have tried both Wired and Wireless and there is zero difference.

the environment and file details are ass follows:
All audio files are encoded in Apple Lossless and packaged as .m4a files
Plex Server version is
Windows 10 version is 1703 build 15063.540

I have trawled the forums and while I can see issues to this general effect described around MKV playback, and several posts around a new stack inclusion from MSFT, I do not see something specific to the effect of audio only files, so hence I wanted to make sure that you had it on the radar in terms of solving the overall stuttering issues.

I have attached my logfiles for your debugging pleasure