Sub-Zero v2 Beta inquiry


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Attention: All the Sub-Zero oldschoolers, enthusiasts, experienced or interested users

I'm skipping the long awaited 1.5 release and hop straight to 2.0.

It'll feature:

  • subliminal 2
  • new guessit + libraries
  • improved matching via imdb/omdb (thanks to subliminal 2)
  • new provider: legendastv (pt-BR)
  • new provider: napiprojekt (polish)
  • new provider: shooter (chinese)
  • new provider: subscenter (hebrew)
  • hopefully I'll manage adding: subtitleseeker api (subscene)

A beta release is expected in the next couple of days. I'll need dedicated beta testers, as the whole foundation (subliminal) has changed, as well for the new subtitle providers.

Details will follow.

Thank you!

Highlighting some users that come to mind (don't be offended if I forgot you): @PMAdmin @chopeta @Bashin @ledge74 @mrobplex @Michiel @comrade @kevindd992002

Current release RC10.1


Also, please only people who already have Sub-Zero v1 up and running, thanks!


Another betatester joins the ranks: @burzka


First beta release:

Please follow this on how to install manually (please uninstall your current version - settings should be kept forwards and backwards).

Note: This beta release aims to re-implement what 1.4 does. It doesn't implement any new subtitle providers yet.


Installed it over 1.4, getting these errors in logs:


Second log (after renaming the directory to end on .bundle :P)


@Michiel said:
Installed it over 1.4, getting these errors in logs (it doesnt show up at all under channels anymore):

Did you uninstall 1.4 first?


Yep i had removed 1.4 completely, fixed now (had to rename the sub-zero 2 bundle to end with .bundle :P)


@michiel that should be fixed in the current branch!


beta #3 uploaded.

LegendasTV inside. Excite me.


Updated to beta 3, attached log file... some errors:


Looks pretty good @Michiel. The NotImplementedError is OK and will be removed. One Connection error to OMDB, which isn't that bad, and some unguessable series. Would be nice to know which those are.

You can get your log files from the advanced menu now, they're automatically zipped for you.

Does everything work as intended?


Hi, clicking Advanced > Get my logs gives a popup message with a plex token and nothing more then that? Not sure if thats what it's supposed to do? :P

Which shows exactly it doesnt know I have no clue about. So far it seems to be working fine.


It should show you a link to your PMS where you can get your logs from (your universal token is included there, yes). It doesn't? :O


Got it :) Couple of errors in this one.


Looks good, I'll add more info to the tvdb/omdb "No matching series found" errors.

Edit: You can bookmark that logs link btw, it's always the same as long as you don't change your server's master token.


@Michiel you can install the newest version and set Sub-Zero to INFO or DEBUG output. I'd like to see which series can't be found on tvdb/omdb.


Added napiprojekt (Polish), shooter (Chinese) and subscenter (Hebrew) to the current DEV branch.


@panni done and set :) will let you know soon and will post the logs here ;)