Subtitle color




In the player for Samsung TVs (latest version), there is the option to change the font's size.

How difficult would be to implement the option to change the font's color?

This option still exists in Plex Home Theather (through RasPlex).



I hope this please! Fix the App 3.3.3 and update with this config removed please!

All need:

Change colours subtitles (gray, yellow, white, etc)
Change fonts size with pixels numbers
Change fonts tipe (arial, comicsSand, etc)
Change position subtitules with pixels numbers

I hope all this options in the new update of the App Plex for tv Samsung with Tizen 3.0


Reduced subtitles settings in Plex 3.3.4 verison for Samsug TV

I’ve just bought a new Samsung UHD Smart TV and I realized that the it has a completely new Plex app installed. First I was happy, but soon I realized has less settings and became the opposite of user friendly. Don’t get me wrong, the UI is nice and clean, but we need those extra settings for subtitles. I know American people does not use subtitles but European people use it all the time. The white text is killing my eyes and a difference between large and huge text is ridiculous.

**All we need as @eduytito sad in the forum:
Change colors subtitles (grey)
Change fonts size with pixels numbers
Change position subtitles with pixels numbers

  • Maybe shadow is need, but not high priority.

Thanks for the understand and I hope you bring back this function soon.


+10000 This is the weakest point of Plex on all devices I’ve used ! The subtitles support is ridiculously mediocre and weakest of all players I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot). You’re completely right that Plex developers disregard the needs of non-english speaking users of Plex. I’m a lifetime Plex Pass subscriber and yet - I keep using Kodi for most of the time mainly because of this issue. Subtitles need to be :

  • Position adjustable in height, including outside video boundaries, so they can be moved below the video in the “blackbars” zone ad not hanging midscreen.
  • Pixel perfect font size adjustment
  • Font thickness adjustment
  • Subtitle background adjustment
  • Font color adjsutment
  • Font shadow adjustment

Now, I know the regular answer - “exoplayer does not do it”, but guys - if it doesn’t do it - then scrap it altogether and use a proper player. This simply can not be an excuse. Look how good your old sibling Kodi does it. Please, Plex might be the better library manager, but Kodi kills you as a player in almost every possible way. I’d say - if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em - you better license Kodi’s player and convert it to a streaming one that you need than keep tormenting us with exoplayer. We all know exoplayer is free and opensource, but better invest some money in a good player otherwise you’ll keep loosing user base because of it (and it’s not only the subtitles)

PS. Ow … and yes - the difference between large and huge text is ridiculous


Anyway, why the native Plex Player on TVs (and Rokus) is so… simplistic?

I can understand that “simple is better” and that “simple is beautiful”, but there’s a point where it turns “too simplistic”.

I have the Plex Player natively installed on my TV and barely use it, because the player on the RasPlex is so much better.

Would you, developers (Orca?), could at least bring back the option to change the font’s color? Or, at least, support the tags to change the font color inside the srt file?