Subtitle Integration


Plex has done a phenomenal job integrating with but I'm wondering if we can get more options. Can we get other subtitle integrations? For instance, is awesome! They have a larger database and have subtitles available for many different formats much faster. I'd love to see if Plex can get this on the roadmap. Having more subtitle integrations would help justify for users like me to get PlexPass so we can store on Cloud so we can access from other locations or share with family.


Try using the Sub-Zero Plugin. It has a lot more options for gathering subtitles. You will find it in Plugins which is located on the lower left of the Plex Home Page. Once in Plugins click on Install Plugins > More … > Metadata Agents > Sub-Zero.



Do I need to have logins for all the other sites that Sub-Zero has to pull from those sites? Thanks for very clear instructions on how to find Sub-Zero by the way :slight_smile:


Yes you do need to be registered and have the login details for the other sites that are shown in the SubZero settings.