Subtitles doesn´t sync anymore. Help?


So, it's been a few days that subtitles doesn't sync. I thought there was a problem with one video but I realized that even the ones that were right before don't work. Im going crazy-


Have the same problem


Are your subtitles automatically selected by Plex?

When you go to the Preplay page of one affected video,
is there a subtitle selected?
And was it already selected prior to when the Sync was performed?

Are you using automatically downloaded subs?
If so, is it possible that when the Sync was performed, no subtitle has been downloaded yet?


The problem occurs when I download new movies or episodes and started for a
week or two.

I am a VIP member at opensubtitles.

Having tried to check the logs but I can not figure it out, for me it seems
that Plex does not download longer despite finding subtitles on


2017-12-11 19:40 GMT+01:00 OttoKerner


What exactly do you mean with “subtitles don’t sync”?

Do you mean the subtitles themselves don’t get fetched anymore


The subtitles don’t appear when videos are Synced to mobile devices?

My above answer was intended for the latter.

If your issue is the former, try

instead of the ‘opensubtitles’ plugin


The subtitles themselves dont’t get fetceh anymore from opensubtitles.

If i dowload them manually everything works as it should.


2017-12-11 20:40 GMT+01:00 OttoKerner


Seeing this aswell, subtitles are not being fetched as they used to be…