[Suggestion] Smart Autoplay - Plays continuously and stops if no user input for X amount of time.



Currently there is an option enable or disable auto-play on the Roku Plex app.  

  • Autoplay = Plays continuously forever until you physically press stop.

  • No Autoplay = Plays one video, then stops.


I would like a third option:

  • Smart Autoplay = Plays continuously, then stops if there's no user input for a period of time (e.g. no buttons pressed in 2 hours).  


Netflix's Roku app has this feature and it works great. I like to turn shows/movies on when I go to bed.  If I have autoplay turned on, it continues playing until I wake up.  If I shut autoplay off, I have to grab the remote every 20 minutes to change to a new episode.  Not fun when you're trying to sleep.




Not even sure if Plex reads these boards, and they offer no method of contact outside media/partner relations.  So.. whatever.   If it gets seen it gets seen, if it doesn't it doesn't.


The developers follow the forums but no idea if your request will get incorporated.


I too am anxious to have some kind of limit I can specify for autoplay.   I love having the autoplay feature enabled.  I like to put on some old media in the backround when I am working etc..   And also when I go to sleep.   Its a great feature.  

I have on several occasions during a weekend turned on the TV in my office to discover I had left the video playing from Friday evening when I quit working..   I had been streaming video on continuous play for several days without knowing it.

I realize its my responsibility to stop the video..   but its a mistake I have made on occasion.   The Netflix implementation is handy because it will popup a dialog after a certain amount of time to ask if the user wants to continue to the next video.   

Any method to implement some kind of soft limit or notification would be helpful..  I havent found anything.. but does anyone know if there is a channel that can show what is streaming? - or even better allow me to stop specific streaming connections?


i wish this was a thing even if i could just put a limit of a certain # amount of content before it asked if i was still watching