Switching Plex Clients - Return to Primary Player



I am having some issues with strange behavior with Plex, Alexa and multiple clients. This behavior seems to have changed over the months since setting up Alexa. I have multiple Plex clients of varying type and multiple Echo devices.

I have my Living Room TV (Shield TV) set up as my primary player for Plex/Alexa. Everything works pretty well except for some of the issues discussed here in this thread.

When I try to use Alexa to start playback in any other room (ex "Alexa tell Plex to Play XYZ on Loft TV") it works I can then even try another location. But whenever I want to watch on Living Room TV again, it will not work without assigning it as my Primary Plex player again. With Primary player I don't need to say the room name/Plex name afterwards, but I realize that after using Alexa to play on different Plex player I should (and used to have to), so I say "Alexa, tell Plex to play XYZ on Living Room TV" , it will not let me return to using my primary player, again, without resetting the player as primary. I can switch around with my other clients...

Any help would be appreciated.
Bill P


I've got to say, the Plex forums are really frustrating. Its the only forum I've ever used where you rarely get answers....


From the instructions on changing your Plex player, "Ask Plex to change my player to Living Room TV". When I attempt this, I still get the list to choose from instead of it just changing it. It also, sometimes says my "Primary Plex player to Alexa" even when I pick a number/selection for a specific player.

If this worked correctly, it would at least be a workaround for the above behavior. But, I have to wait through the entire list (6 or more in my case) before I am able to choose a number

Plex developers love to crank out all kinds of features, but never seem to improve or fix those that have already been developed...any help would be appreciated


Is the name of the client in the living room Living Room TV? We do partial matches on names too (assuming we get an accurate value from AVS) so try saying on living room and see if that works better.


Will do. And report back. Thanks!


That worked!! I really do appreciate it! I should have known to try this because I've had to shorten my requests with other aspects of Plex and Alexa in general. Ex. "Alexa, tell Plex to play the Goldbergs" doesn't work, but "Alex, tell Plex to Play Goldberg" does. Or w/ Sonos: "Alexa, play sirius/xm Tom Petty radio in Master" or "Tom Petty", doesn't work, but "Alexa, play sirius/xm Petty in master" does


One thing I've noticed though. If I start a movie with Alexa in Living room, then start a movie for kids in Loft, when I come back to Living room, I can;t tell Plex to stop. Meaning after I start loft, I can tell plex to stop it (with or without the room name), but if I say "Alexa, tell Plex to stop on Living room" it doesn;t work. If I tell plex to change my player to livingroom, then tell it to stop, it works, so better than nothing


We don't gracefully support multiple devices today unfortunately :/ When we initially built the skill there was no way to distinguish between different devices via the API. I believe that has since changed and I can file an internal feature request to see if we can leverage it


At least I can reset the "focus" back on Living Room TV by asking Alexa to change my Plex Player...

Any time frame on when the "Uh oh, .....I've alerted the Plex Team" will be fixed for playback of items that are resumed?

Thanks for your help. I've not had a lot of luck with responses on these forums in the past. I appreciate it!


Those should all be fixed now. The fixes may only be in our beta environment though. If they crop up again after our next major release feel free to bump the thread.


I have the latest beta and this happens for every single Movie or TV show that I resume or even if when it asks me to resume I choose to watch from beginning (does not on those that start from the beginning b/c they are unwatched)


Sorry, Alexa beta. We have an internal version for employees that runs the latest code cut from our mainline codebase. We're readying another release soon that should have a fix for this in it.


Oh, I see. Thanks! Hope it soon. If only for WAF