Sync basically doesn't work



Long story short: Syncing almost never works. Right this moment, the server says everything is waiting to be downloaded, my app says everything is waiting to be downloaded, then it says "Sync Complete".

If I uninstall and reinstall the app, then re-queue, sometime some things sync. Other won't. If I watch a show or movie while offline, it never shows up on the server as Watched. When I mark it watched on the server manually, Sync never removes it from the tablet and downloads the next episode or movie.

I'm attaching the logs from both my server and Android app to this post; I hope there's just some fatal flaw with how I've configured something that's causing everything to mostly fail.

Side note: The Plex Server is awesome. Direct Play works great to the TVs within the house, and I can stream everything with no problems to the same tablet. I have external users also able to stream video from my library with no problem. I'm convinced that it's something wrong with my tablet/app, but I can't locate the problem.

My Transcode path has TB of space available, if I've configured it properly, and all files are added to locally-attached disk by the same user that's running the Plex server, so I don't think it's a permission issue. But I'm completely open to anything I've missed in those assessments, and would love any suggestions from the community or Plex folks

Thanks in advance!



I have an almost identical experience on my Android device. Starts to work, seems like it is going ok, then quits. Once I did manage to sync my entire music library, but some songs played and some didn't. Searching around the forums and internet in general, this seems to be a widespread problem with mobile sync. I'd really like some kind of solution or at least a workaround. Mobile sync was one of the main reasons I purchases a Plex Pass. Little did I know such a core feature would be so intermittent.


Sync is currently totally dysfunctional, the only known workaround is to sync a very, very small number of items at one time, such as less than 5. Then it may work.


The Plex team must know about all this issues. However, is there anyway to escalate the concern other than forum posts and similar? Do they have a formal bug-tracking for many users to vouch for the issue?


Dream on, until a higher up at Plex suffers the same issue, it's Gods will or somebody else's fault.


Happening on my Galaxy S7 as well running Android 7. I'm currently sitting here watching it say "sync complete" after syncing 4 or 5 tracks, then I have to resume it. A really fun way to spend the day before a trip.

Any way to revert back to a previous version of the app?


The whole sync feature implementation is totally idiot.

I mean, if I want to download MY content, on MY phone, from MY server with the app I bought, well I need to pay more...

In the end, the need for a plex pass make this all so complicated....
Seriously with the app I'm connected directly to my server, it should not be a hassle to be able to download stuff.

But no, you have to allow content and device on the server side and all. Needs anticipation...

Jesus, take a look at Netflix. This is the way. You browse your content, you download, period.

Make this.


Sync has always been FOOBAR'd for me as well. I have all the issues listed in this post. I have sync issues on all my android devices (two Huawei Honor 5x's and two Le Pan TC802A's (cheap old tablets)). I am a Plex Pass holder too. This issue is entirely unacceptable. Currently one of the 5X's can't even get Plex to start up and the other has a huge delay before it opens, I mean like 2-3 minutes.


Same issue for me. I’ve attached my logs also, as well as the ‘sync_items.xml’ for my Nexus 6 device. I am currently experiencing an issue where about 10-20 songs sync, sync stops, and the app says “Sync Complete”. Refreshing sync will download another 10-20 songs and stop again. This is going to take a while for the ~1600 songs remaining.

There are several errors & exceptions in the android log:

  • Error fetching timeline items (HTTP 404 - perhaps unrelated to sync)
  • Websocket error (expected HTTP 101 but got 400)
  • Error fetching (500 internal server error)
  • [Sync] Error applying database action with path /data/user/0/ for part with ID 268484010: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to open DB transaction.
  • “An exception occurred: [ Code=null; extras=null ]”

There appear to be three ‘tries’ of syncing, all of which fail with some exception related to database optimization (‘Sync finished with 1 errors.’).

Here are some conflicting data points from the sync_items.xml:

  • state=“complete”
  • itemsCount=“4068”
  • itemsCompleteCount=“4068”
  • itemsSuccessfulCount=“4068”
  • itemsDownloadedCount=“2472”
  • itemsReadyCount=“1596”


Sync hasn’t worked for years, it’s ridiculous.


I still don’t understand why this can’t be fixed… devices have been able to sync with servers for ages. Yet somehow Plex is doing something insane with their sync protocol. The sync feature needs to be completely scrapped and rebuilt. No other company asking it’s users to pay for a premium feature would get away with this for so long.

It was broken for two years on my Galaxy S6. Just bought a new Pixel 2 XL and sync is still horrifically broken.


I’ve long since let my money do the talking and stopped paying for service until this is fixed. Unlimited data with T-Mobile makes this less critical but would reconsider for the convenience if it did start working reliably


Okay this is really annoying, I bought the Plex pass mainly to sync my music library to my android phone and it just doesn’t work at all.

In these forums do the Plex staff ever respond to these issues or is there some other place i can get this functionality that I paid for to work?


Do yourself a favor, don’t ever buy a plex pass unlimited to get audio sync, you will regret it. Up front, it seems like a great idea, much cheaper to pay for the pass than it is to pay monthly. However, if you pay month to month you will see that audio sync isn’t just beta, it isn’t even an alpha product. It likely should be removed entirely from the catalog of features until fixed.

Second favor you should do for yourself, use subsonic or madsonic to manage your music files. A little quirky, and not as elegant, but at least the sync works and works well.

I’m convinced that there is a prioritization list for Plex, and audio is low on that list. I don’t necessarily blame them for that, because video is what brings most users. I do fault them, however, for listing audio sync as a feature when it is broken and has been for…my entire time as a plex pass subscriber.


Same here … sync is a total disaster since years!


Video sync doesn’t work either. They don’t seem to care about sync (audio or video) at all, which was the only reason I was a paying customer. I wasn’t listened to before so I had to let my money do the talking for me. I might come back when sync is fixed.


Sync does not work. neither audio nor video… not even a single file… purchased Plex pass for this feature only. Not worth it…


I have a plex pass, but my plex app says it needs a plex pass to sync. Any ideas how to fix. I can’t believe a subscription service doesn’t have telephone support!


Has never worked for me either…
I doubt it will ever be fixed.

How the folks at Plex sleep at night giving it’s customers broken software and do nothing about it is beyond me…


Ditto. Sync is a true fail. I see many are written in Dec.2017 … perhaps we can hope this is a new bug and be resolved. cannot believe they have zero support for his paid app !!! I will cancel soon if I do not see any response and hope all users will do same.